Al-Iryani: Houthis militia’s death slogans caused tragedies, brought grief into every Yemeni house

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September Net

Minister of Information Mua’mer al-Iryani said ever since the emergence of Iran-allied Houthi militia’s false slogan” Death to America, death to Israeli, curse on Jews” Sa’ada peace governorate and Yemen have entered a dark tunnel. The Houthis’ death mottos have resulted in catastrophic tragedies, engulfed every single Yemeni home in grieving.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) he added” Wherever the militia’s slogan reaches out it produces blood, destruction and chaos”.

The Minister discredited the militia’s bare slogan arguing that it has never made the Palestinian cause any benefit. He said” After 20 years had passed since Houthis’ motto emerged every Yemeni citizen may ask what did Houthis do to advocate the Palestinian cause? Of course nothing except for empty slogans and bombast rhetoric”.


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