Houthi attack prevented in Hodeida, imposed severe losses


September Net

National army troops on Sunday prevented an attack by the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia south of Hodeida province, in the west of the country.

Earlier this day, Houthi militia groups tried to advance from several directions on the road to liberated positions south of Al-Tahita.

However, the army thwarted the militia’s attempt and forced it to retreat and flee, after suffering losses in its ranks.

Three days ago, the Houthi rebel militia shelled positions of the national army west of Hays district, south of the same province.

The militia used mortar shells, heavy and medium machine gun fire.

The Houthi coup militia has been persisting to target the positions of the national army in the province of Hodeidah, while the army follows to the UN cease-fire, in harmony with the orders of the political and military leadership.


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