Riyadh Agreement … What Next?

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Yemenis have high anticipations for Riyadh agreement, in order to overcome the deteriorating economic situation, where 75% of Yemenis are on the brink of starvation, half of them are below the poverty line, as well as the drop of education, the health situation, the spread of deadly epidemics, and endless wars.

The agreement offered the Yemeni people a glimmer of hope to break the bottleneck set by the wrong policies, calculations of interests unsuited with the interests of Yemenis who no longer accept any failure to this agreement, or return to the square of suffering; because the Yemeni people have felt the resentment of conflicts, and the curse of wars and crises that have not stopped for the past five decades.

So, the Yemenis start their purpose in Riyadh agreement to break the cycle of bloody conflicts, which killed man and destroyed the land for six decades.

There is no doubt that Riyadh agreement came as a rescuer for the Yemenis and their political elites who held with the efforts of the brothers in Saudi Arabia around the table of signing the last agreement, so that the Yemenis breathe a sigh of relief as an agreement of necessity in the hope of opening a new page titled (National Accord).

Riyadh agreement requires uniting all efforts under the umbrella of legality and national constants, to complete the stabilization of the situation in the liberated provinces, unfetter the rest of the provinces, end the coup, and eliminate Iran’s negative sectarian project.

Moreover, the establishment of the Federal State of Yemen, entitled equality, coexistence, peace, and the equitable sharing of wealth and power among all Yemenis.

It is the right of Yemeni people to enjoy a secure and stable home in which all Yemenis live freely and with dignity, away from the unending crises and the torture of conflict and endless bloodshed.

Hereafter, the tips of the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to the government and its executive bodies, and the Ministries of Defense and Interior to act directly to implement the terms and conditions of the agreement.

On the other hand, the other party in the agreement should accept by all the articles of Riyadh agreement signed before the world and under the auspices of Saudi Arabia, which is the sponsor and supporter of the implementation of the provisions of the agreement in spirit and letter.


What is vital today is to join forces and work together in performing what has been agreed upon, and to move away from fabricating pretexts and justifications, and to put obstacles, so as not to recurrence the Houthi militia tricked play in Hodeidah port, which would hinder the implementation of the agreement and empty it of its content.

Waste of time and effort to confront the real enemy is not in the interest of Yemen and the region, which should be the top priority for the new phase that followed the agreement, and not repeat the tricked play of the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement on Hodeidah.

Today, Yemenis are looking to turn the page on long-suffering and run towards the implementation of the Riyadh agreement.

His Excellency President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi has been keen in directing the government and all state agencies to implement the articles of the agreement.

Yemenis have long suffered, and they no longer have space to rush into political futility.

The time has come to end the coup and put an end to Iran’s ambitions in Yemen and the region

Yemenis can then fulfill their aspirations, build safe future under their desired federal state.

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