Govt. condemns Houthi detention of S. Korean vessel and two escort boats off Red Sea

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Yemen’s Government condemned the Houthi militia’s detention of a South Korean vessel and two escort boats in the Red Sea waters off the Red Sea.

The country’s Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadhrami discussed the Houthi escalation with the South Korean ambassador to Yemen Pak Woongchul here today, calling it “a serious threat to the freedom of navigation in the international waters south of the Red Sea.”

“These provocative practices will negatively affect the freedom of shipping on the international trade lanes in the Red Sea,” he added, “the escalation is occurring as a ceasefire [between the militia and the government] is in effect.”

“It is also a violation of the Stockholm Agreement which the UN is sponsoring.”

He called on the Iran-backed radical militia to immediately let go of the seized vessels and their crews in the soonest.

possible, and called on the UN Security Council to condemn such practices, which destabilize the global peace and security.

The S. Korean ambassador hoped his country’s vessels and the vessel crews get released promptly in honoring of the international rules and conventions.


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