FM denounces Iran’s recognition of Houthi representative

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September Net

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Yemen has denounced Iranian regime’s recognition of Houthi militia’s representative and handing him over diplomatic premises and buildings of the Republic of Yemen in Tehran.

In a release issued Tuesday, the ministry considered Iran’s approach a frank violation to the United Nations’ Charter and Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and to Security Council’s relevant resolutions on Yemen, mainly Resolution 2216.

The ministry holds Iranian regime accountable on aftermaths of this blatant violation, which confirmed Iran’s involvement in supporting Houthi rebel militia and recognizing them.

The ministry also holds the regime accountable on not doing well in protecting the diplomatic premises and the ministry’s possessions, confirming that it will take a legal action against this Iranian’s violating approach.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the international community and the Security Council to denounce this irresponsible approach.


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