Command of Joint Operations discusses military developments in warfronts  


September Net

Commander of Joint Operations Major General Saghear bin Aziz chaired on Thursday a meeting of the Joint Operations Command to discuss the ongoing military developments and operations process in the warfronts.

Maj. Gen. Ben Aziz praised the achievements and sacrifices of the national army forces on various fronts, stressing that the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia is suffering collapse and great losses.

The Commander of Joint Operations appreciated and thanked the Saudi-led Arab coalition countries for their sincere attitudes and continued support to the National Army on various fronts to complete liberating the rest of the homeland from the control of Houthi militia.

Bin Aziz pointed out that the Houthi militia resorted to bombing and sniping civilians and committing the most heinous crimes against them in different areas.

The meeting also discussed the administrative situation and developments in the joint operations, and stressed the need to intensify efforts, and keep abreast of events and developments on the ground as well as update and develop plans in accordance with emergency developments in the theater of operations.


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