Why should Yemeni government return to Aden?

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The return of the Prime Minister and the government’s members to the interim capital of Aden, is a positive step in the process of implementation of Riyadh Agreement, a real start to normalize the situation in Aden and liberated provinces. It is also an important beginning to address priority issues such as security, economy, and providing services to citizens.

Of course, the Yemeni government’s top priority is to decide on the military, security and economic files, which are important in imposing security and stability, normalizing the situation in the liberated areas, and alleviating  of the economic crisis, and the war caused by the Houthi militia since its coup against the legitimate government on September 21, 2014.

The state’s presence in the interim capital of Aden undoubtedly simplifies to begin a new phase of partnership and unification of national ranks, working together under the umbrella of legitimacy to complete the restoration of state institutions, eliminate the coup of Iran’s militia and defeat its destructive project against Yemen and the region.

The state is the only supporter of the security and stability of nations. Its absence means not only the lack of security, but also a return to the past and the law of the jungle.

Therefore, there is no substitute for the legitimate state authorities and its institutions that protect everyone, and give all security and stability.

For these reasons, Yemenis welcomed Riyadh agreement with great joy and optimism, be a sign of a better future free from devastating differences and bloody conflicts.

In fact, Yemeni government return to the interim capital of Aden is a popular and national demand that opens the door for a new phase that demonstrates the sincerity of all in full obedience with the terms of Riyadh agreement.

It also means sparing Yemenis the deep gap and dark tunnel caused by the Houthi coup, and thwarting its plans aimed at bringing Yemen and the region under Iranian influence.

Hence, the opportunity to save Yemen and its republican system is still available. It is an opportunity not to be repeated by the Arab coalition and must be used to defeat the Iranian project in Yemen and the region.


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