VP calls on UN’s Goha and Griffiths to condemn latest Houthi terror attack

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Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh has called on the head of UN observer mission in the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah Abbaht Goha and the UN peace mediator Martin Griffiths to condemn today’s terror attack by the Houthi militia against the government’s representatives in ceasefire and troop redeployment committee.

The radical theocratic militia launched ballistic missiles and unmanned drone attacks on the residence of the government’s representatives in the ceasefire and troop Redeployment Coordination Committee but no one was hurt.

In a phone call with the head of the government’s representatives team, Mohammed Aydha, the Vice President demanded Goha, Griffiths and the whole international community to condemn these crimes and the “persistent Houthi attempts to fail the Hodeidah (ceasefire) Agreement.”

The government says Houthis have been violating the agreement and seeking to sabotage it with foot-dragging and outmaneuvering tactics.


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