Al-Bardouni.. Yemen’s great Poet and Thinker

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By: Ameen Aljaradi

Abdullah Al-Bardouni (1929 – 30 August 1999) is a Yemeni poet, literary critic, historian and teacher. He was born in 1929 in the village of Bardouni in Dhamar province.

Al-Bardawni’s works dealt with the history of ancient, modern poetry in Yemen, and political topics.

These issues related to the conflict between the republican and monarchy overthrown in the revolution of 26 Sept. 1962.

Al-Bardouni poems dominated nationalism and a tendency to ridicule and lamentation.

He received his primary education before moving to Dhamar with his family and attending the solar school.

He began his interest in poetry and literature at the age of ten and had always kept poems in his hands.

He moved to Sana’a in his mid-twenties and received the Language Excellence Award from the House of Islamic Sciences.

Al-Bardouni was imprisoned during the reign of Imam Ahmad bin Yahya because of his political stances and his support for the constitution revolution.

Al-Bardawni was one of the greatest if not the greatest Yemeni poets. His nationalist and political poems are known to ridicule the unfortunate Yemeni situation.

His poetry was characterized by the power of casting and the greatness of the language, and thus belongs to classical poets to a certain extent. However, he did not adhere to the stereotypes of Yemen’s poets.

On August 30, 1999, Abdullah Al-Bardouni died in Jordan while traveling for treatment, leaving behind a large number of books and literature.

Abdullah Al-Berdawni was a poet of the great poets. He was scooping from a sea. The abundance of his poetry produced a large number of poems.

Al-Bardawni issued twelve poetry books in the period between 1961 and 1994.

Al-Bardouni’s poetry books

From the land of Bilqis, City of Tomorrow, To my eyes or Balqis, Travel to the Green Days, Smoke faces in the night mirrors, Translation of sand weddings, Time without quality, Other longing beings, Fragments of lamps, The answer of the ages, Back Hakim bin Zaied, and In the way of dawn.

Al-Bardouni’s intellectual works

The production of the Yemeni poet Abdullah al-Bardouni was not limited to poetry alone; he was a critic, historian, and political writer.

Pour all the thoughts of his mind gently and softly on paper. Immortalized his name in the memory of poetry, politics, criticism and history. These are the most Al-Bardouni’s famous intellectual works:

Journey in Yemeni poetry old and modern, Yemeni Issues, Arts of folk literature in Yemen, Yemeni culture and experiences, Culture and Revolution, From the first poem to the last shot, a study of Zubairi’s poetry and life, and Sundries.


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