Nov. 30th, National Day of Independence South Yemen

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From the British occupation of Aden in 1839 until the spark of the revolution, 14 October, the Yemeni people spent a long period of time in confronting the occupier and the armed struggle against the British colonial, until it was declared in the south of Yemen on  November 30, 1967, National Independence Day.

Therefore, the celebration of this national occasion remains a historical event with many connotations and meanings for a great achievement attained despite the conspiratorial schemes waged by the colonizer and its imamate partners to dominate Yemeni people, exploit their wealth and tear apart their unity and social fabric.

However, Yemenis succeeded in overcoming all of this, achieving a great triumph in an exceptional time when the Arab world was set back in June 1967.

Therefore, the National Independence Day of November 30 was not a special achievement for Yemenis, but also for the Arabs and Muslims, and the peoples of the developing world, hungry for liberation and independence from the domination of colonialism.

The celebration of the Yemeni people on the 52nd anniversary of the National Independence Day is of great importance as it came to embody the independence of the homeland, after the long struggles of all Yemenis in confronting the occupation, its plans, and colonial policy.

The 30th of November is  national day everlasting in the national memory, the Yemenis breathed the taste of freedom, complete with the goals of the glorious revolution and long struggle for independence.

It is paradoxically for Yemenis to celebrate this national occasion today and Yemen is going through a difficult stage in its modern history, surrounded by many dangers and conspiratorial plans that threaten its existence, independence and national identity because of the Iranian project and its interfering sectarian agenda.

This is why today we should recall those bright pages of Yemeni history full of struggles and nationalist attitudes.

It also requires unifying ranks, along with the political and military leadership represented by His Excellency Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the President of the Republic and the National Army.

Undoubtedly, Yemeni national army is now fighting the most honorable battles in the history of Yemen to give future generations freedom, equal citizenship, stability and prosperity.


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