Houthi militia breaks into citizens homes western Al-Dhale

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia on Monday rushed into the homes of citizens in Al-Oud area, west of Al-Dhale province, south of Yemen.

Local sources told September Net that , the Houthi militia carried out a large-scale raid campaign to Bait AlSharji village, Al-Oud area, in Qataba district.

The sources explained that the militia broke into the homes of the citizens in the village, searched and tampered with homes contents, which caused panic among the residents.

Without mentioning the reasons, many elements of the Houthi rebel militia stormed the villages of Al-Azab, Al-Fakher, Beit al-Sharji and Sabira during the past few days, kidnapped a number of citizens, including children and elderly people.


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