5 children killed by an explosive device planted by Houthis southern Hodeidah

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September Net

Five children were killed when an explosive device planted by the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia, exploded in Al-Durahemi district, south of Hodeidah province, western Yemen.

Local sources confirmed that five children found an improvised explosive device in one of the housing areas of Al-Durahemi district, and exploded while playing with it.

The sources explained that the explosion of the device led to the immediate killing of all the children are: Abdul Salam Abdullah Masoud (5 years), Amani Omar Sagheer (7 years), Murad Ahmed Mashroei (8 years), Abdullah Masood (8 years), and Sayed Omar Yahya (13 years).

Houthi coup militias have planted more than a million mines in different parts of Yemen, especially populated areas, valleys and roads, ignoring all international laws and conventions that prohibit the mines planting.

Mines planted by the Houthi militia, have caused hundreds of civilian casualties, including women and children.


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