Info Minister: Houthis use Iranian arms to kill Yemenis, attack neighboring countries

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September Net

Yemen’s Information Minister said Friday the arms shipment Iran recently attempted to smuggle to its Houthi agents in Yemen refutes the rebel militia’s rhetoric on peace.

Muammar Al-Eryan’s made the statements to Saba a day after the U.S. released first photos of ‘sophisticated Iranian weapons’ including big quantities of missile parts that the US Navy had seized on a boat en route to Yemen.

“The Houth militia use these arms to kill Yemenis، attack neighboring countries، and intimidate international shipping.”

Al-Eryani called on the international community to understand that the Iranian regime is continuing to smuggle the latest arms to Houthis and that Houthis are working on developing their military capabilities” including with missiles and unmanned drones.

He said the Houthi peace rhetoric is “only an outmaneuvering attempt to … replenish fighters and quality arms to be able to tip the balance” of the war.

He appealed to the UN Security Council to rescue the Yemeni people from the Iranian interferences and take firm measures to stop the flow of Iranian arms to the militia, a violation of the UN Security Council’s own resolution no. 2216 (of 2015).


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