Houthi militia trials 10 journalists detained in its prisons

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi militia held on Monday a trail session for 10 journalists who have been detained in its prisons for five years.

The actions of the Houthi militias against the kidnapped journalists have sparked widespread reactions, expressing their condemnation of these actions that are considered provocative and violating international laws and covenants.

The lawyer representing the 10 journalists, Abdul Majid Sabra, said the trail was unexpected. “We were surprised by the start of the first trial, despite our daily follow-up on the case,” he said. “If the journalists had not insisted on my presence, the trail would have been held without a lawyer present.”

Sabra said on his Facebook account that the militia’s judge had repeated the prosecution’s argument that they are “enemies of the people.”

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate was surprised by the start of the trial before the Specialized Criminal Court , after series of violations against the journalists, starting with their kidnapping and forced disappearance, followed by torture and the denial of their right to visitors and medical treatment.

The National Organization of Yemeni Reporters ,SADA, condemns the Houthi militia for holding a trial sessions for the kidnapped journalists after they spent five years of kidnapping and enforced disappearance.

The organization confirms that the Houthi militia trial of journalists, after all these years of kidnapping is a flagrant violation of all human covenants, which criminalize kidnapping and assaulting journalists.

It calls on the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths and international organizations to intervene and pressure the Houthi militia to release the journalists ,considering that their case is a purely humanitarian, and their kidnapping came only in the context of blackmailing for military and political gains.

The Committee to Protect Journalists said in its official website that the Houthi militia should immediately release all journalists in its custody and stop its campaign of detentions and intimidation against journalists working in areas under its control.


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