On Human Rights Day, Yemen journalists concern over Houthi execution of fellows

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September Net

Scores of journalists in the government-held city of Marib condemned the Houthi militia’s recent launch of “trial” of 10 fellow journalists the theocratic coupist militia have been detaining for five years.

The protesters staged a rally on the Human Rights Day, December 10, in the city, slamming the Houthi abuses especially torture of detainees.

The protesters said after enforced disappearance and long torture of 10 journalists, the militia have now brought them to their illegal courts to execute them, “part of the militia’s strategy to eliminate all those who object to their coupist and theocratic agenda.”

The same Houthi “court” in Sana’a had last July sentenced 30 jounrlaists to death, prompting wide local and international condemnation.


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