PM: Govt to take serious, transparent stances to address all corruption

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Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik reiterated that the government with in coordination with the whole national system involved in combating corruption, will never tolerate anyone who is proven to commit corruption, whatever his job or leadership position, and that it will take serious, transparent and responsible positions in addressing all cases.

In a meeting with the chief of the Supreme National Authority Against Corruption Judge Afrah Ba Doylan and other SNAAC members, the Prime Minister indicated the government’s keenness to strengthen the partnership with SNAAC as one of the most important components of the national system of integrity and transparency.

The Prime Minister stated that the government is working on multiple fronts, and that the challenges facing it are innumerable and multidimensional, among them the absence of accountability, which constitutes an appropriate environment for the prosperity of corruption . He stressed that activating accountability and oversight mechanisms is one of the priorities of the government.


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