President Hadi affirms depth of Yemen-US relations

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September Net

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi affirmed Thursday the US-Yemeni relationship is deep and distinct at all levels, including the strategic alliance against the interference that destabilize the security of Yemen and international shipping in Yemeni waters.

In a meeting with the US ambassador to Yemen, Christopher Henzel, Hadi cited the Houthi militia, their Iranian backers, and the different terrorist and extremist guerillas that constitute the regional threat.

Hadi pointed to the government’s pursuit of return to state business especially the delivery of vital services and repayment of salaries as per the Riyadh Agreement it had signed with the Southern Transitional Council last November.

The US ambassador expressed his delight in Hadi’s efforts to make the Riyadh Agreement a success and ensure the government’s resumed delivery of services.


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