FM shares challenges facing Riyadh Agreement with ambassadors of P5 countries

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadhrami shared with the ambassadors of the UN Security Council five member countries to Yemen the challenges facing the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement signed by the government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) on November 5.

“Unfortunately, there are some obstacles that the STC places in the way of implementing the agreement, the work of the field team, and some violations and developments that hinder the progress of all security and military arrangements provided for in the agreement and its annexes,” the foreign minister told the ambassadors in a meeting in Riyad on Monday.

He reviewed the government’s efforts to keep up its end of the deal and to take things to the level of normalizing the situation in the south, pay public servicemen and finance the import of badly needed fuel for power plants.

Al-Hadrami praised the brotherly Saudi support aimed at translating the Riyadh Agreement from written text into a reality on the ground.

He referred to the government’s high confidence in the prominent and guarantor role of the Kingdom in implementing the deal.

The ambassadors on their part voiced their support to Yemen’s government and to ensure the enforcement of the deal.

They appreciated the steps taken by the government towards resuming public services and payments to public sector employees.


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