Griffiths is no longer a peace envoy

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To what extent does UN want to reach Yemen, through its special envoy Martin Griffiths, who with international approval has conspired with the Iran-backed Houthi militia?!

 Several agreements were concluded with this criminal militia, under UN auspices, through a number of envoys, the last of whom was Griffiths, who oversees the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, but the Houthi militia did not implement a single term.

For more than a year since the Stockholm Accord, Griffiths has avoided the fall of the collapsed militia on various fronts. He is blatantly working on a ceasefire and deceiving the international community, with the huge human cost of liberating the capital, Sana’a, and the port of Hodeidah.

Griffiths knows with certainty that the human cost is huge, the more the coup stumbles, the Iranian support and the international neglect of the militia’s criminal practices will persist, especially in the cities of Hodeidah and Taiz.

Griffiths is no longer a peace envoy to Yemen, but a partner in all militia crimes against Yemenis. This envoy has become a logistical supporter if not a transporter: smuggling weapons and supplies for a longer war.

He ugly manipulates all the values of peace for which the United Nations was established, and for its sake he became an envoy to Yemen in order to achieve a positive result, according to the three references and international legitimacy resolutions, foremost of which is Resolution 2216.

On the other side, Riyadh agreement is being tampered with by UAE, which entered the war in Yemen at the invitation of Saudi Arabia, and not from the Republic of Yemen. UAE entered the war in Yemen with the stated goal of supporting Yemeni legitimacy and ending the coup of Iran’s militia.

Since the launch of the first raids by the Arab coalition, UAE has been working to destroy legitimacy, and in a way that achieves a goal that does not serve the Yemenis, and not serve its interests either as a brother country that has close ties to Yemen, a common history and a common language.

However, UAE serves the Iranian expansion in the region, and supports its strategic interests, in controlling the Strait of Bab Al-Mandab, and achieving Iran’s ambition to manage the holy sites in Mecca and Medina.

The elites and security belts that UAE set up for a council that it created parallel to the state’s authorities are nothing but stabs in the side of the legitimate state, and weakening its sovereign decision in favor of a distorted entity that seeks to split the country.

UAE thus thinks it will achieve its economic interests – as a new colonial country. Nevertheless the UAE offers a free service to Iran, by weakening Saudi Arabia’s role in the region, and perhaps worse.

UAE officially announced that it withdrew from Yemen, but did not do, but rather did something similar to re-positioning, to keep messing with the fate of the Yemenis, which will not continue.

Days are not far off, when UAE feels sorry for what it did to the Yemenis, a people that has not been broken through its long history of struggle.


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