Since signing of Stockholm agreement, Houthi militia commits 16,500 violations in Hodeidah

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September Net – Aref AL-Sameei

The Legitimate Government represented by President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi signed in December 13, 2018 a political agreement in Stockholm to cease fighting and withdraw from sea ports of Hodeida and Hodeida city and hand over the areas under UN supervision.

However,  a year has passed since the signing of the UN-sponsored agreement, which represented a glimmer of hope for millions of Yemenis, but nothing achieved on the ground because of the Houthis procrastination and their daily military attacks against National army forces and residential areas in the city of Hodiedah.

The Houthi rebels didn’t fulfill any of its promises, starting with handing over of Hodeidah ports and withdrawal from the city.

Over the past months, the agreement has not made any progress, except forming a joint committee from both parties to form a mechanism for implementing the Hodeida’s ceasefire and the other terms of the agreement. Therefor the situations in Hodeidah province  have become more complicated than it was before the agreement.

The Houthi rebels’ breaching to the Stockholm agreement demonstrates that they are not ready yet for the peace and do not care to the large-scale humanitarian crisis caused by their coup on the legitimate government represented by President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

In the first month of the agreement January 2019,  the Houthi militia’s violations of the Hodeida’s ceasefire reached 883 breaches, resulted in the killing of 60 civilians, including 18 children and 14 women and wounding 389 others, mostly women and children.

Thousands violations

The Iran-backed Houthi militia has been committing heinous crimes and brutal massacres against civilians since the first moment of signing the UN-sponsored agreement until the present moment.

Hodeida Governor Hasan Taher has revealed that the Iran-backed Houthi militia has committed more than 11,000 violations since the signing of the Stockholm agreement in December 2018.

The Governor said that at least 300 civilians have been killed in the port city of Hodeida during the same period, pointing out that thousands of civilians were injured and displaced from their homes.

The spokesperson of the West Coast Operations said to Chines News Agency, Xinhua, that the Houthi militia has committed 16,516 violations since the start of the ceasefire in Hodeidah province.

Col. Waddah al-Dabeesh added that the Houthi militia committed  2535 violations since 10 Sep. to 7 Nov. 2019.

These violations included 410 failed infiltration attempts, 492 armed attacks, 271 times of shelling citizens’ homes and facilities, digging 126 trenches, while other violations were establishing new sites, mobilization, arrests, and forcing children into recruitment, he pointed out.

Massacres against civilians

The media center of the Giants Brigades in Hodiedah Province revealed that the Houthi militia’s breaches of UN-sponsored ceasefire truce in Hodeidah have resulted in the killing and wounding of 2,400 civilians since it came into effect on December 18, 2018.

The Houthi rebels targeted cities, residential neighborhoods, and citizens’ homes in Hodeidah with various artillery shells, medium and heavy weapons. They also directly targeted citizens and indiscriminately planted thousands of landmines and improvised explosive devices in public roads and farms. As a result hundreds of civilians were killed and thousands wounded in various districts of Hodeidah, according to the report.

” At least 446 houses, public and private facilities, schools and places of worship were completely or partially destroyed,” said the report.

The report named the areas of Hodeidah that subjected to Houthi militia’s violations : “Tohaita, Jabaleyah, Hemah, Mateinah, Hayes, Khokhah, Ghuwaireq, Maghras, Jah, Durayhimi, Taif, Jaribah, Hali, Hawk, Mandhar, Masna.”

It also mentioned that “Seven civilians were killed and 88 wounded in different districts of Hodeidah province in the first week of the ceasefire.

Killing, displacement, mines

Just 6 months after the signing the Stockholm agreement, the Norwegian Refugee Council said that at least 1750 civilians have been killed and thousands others forced to flee their homes since the Stockholm agreement was signed.

In a statement, the NRC revealed that 255,000 Yemenis were forced to flee their homes, and 26,000 others  lost their homes, in addition to 20 civilians, most of them children, were killed and wounded due to landmines explosions.

More 4 victims were died inside the Houthi prisons, as a result of torture and medical negligence, and one was died after released from Houthi prison due to deteriorating health condition, read the statement.

Killing childhood

Save the Children organization reported that about 33 children were killed and wounded every month in Hodeidah province between January and October 2019 ..

The Houthi militia has recently resorted to recruiting children and pushing them to military sites in Hodeidah and using them as human shields.

The Chines News Agency quoted Col. Waddah al-Dabeesh as saying that about 232 civilians have been killed and 2,311 injured in Hodeidah, as a result of Houthi militia’s violations since the ceasefire truce came into effect.

Detailed monitoring

In 2019 , the Iran-backed Houthi militia continued its brutal crimes against civilians, and raised the frequency of its violations throughout the regions and districts of Hodeidah province.

The Houthi militia’s shelling of residential neighborhoods and landmines and explosive devises have resulted in the following:

In January 2019, 25 civilians were killed and 224 injured.

In February, 23 civilians were killed and 199 injured, mostly women and children.

In March, 20 civilians were killed and 166 injured.

In April , 16 civilians were killed and 153 were injured.

In May, 18 civilians were killed and 179 injured.

In June, 17 civilians were killed and 190 injured.

In July,18 civilians were killed and 200 injured.

In August ,14 civilians were killed and 198 injured

In September, 23 civilian were killed, and 197 injured.

In October, 21 civilians were killed and 212 injured

In November,15 civilians were killed and 146 injured.


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