All national media outlets should align behind President Hadi’s leadership, says Info. Minister

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Minister of Information Muamer al-Iryani urged all Yemeni media organizations and platforms to act jointly to counter Iran-allied Houthi militia’s coup and sectarian scheme.

” It is increasingly becoming imperative to establish a united national media team and acting together to stand up to the destructive Houthi militia media discourse that has proved to pose an existential threat to the Yemeni people’s future”, said al-Iryani.

His remarks came during a meeting he convened on Thursday included the members of the committee tasked with unifying the national media outlets and rhetoric to counter the militia’s misleading media discourse and sectarian plan.

The Minister stated that all political parties and constituencies should put their disputes and difference aside as this is only in the interest of the militia. ” We must stop blaming each other, this doesn’t serve anybody, except the rebel militia”, he said.

” We have to align ourselves, all Yemeni media organizations, behind the legitimate political leadership represented by President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi” al-Iryani said.


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