Yemen Finance Ministry says Houthi policies stall payments to public servicemen

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Yemen’s Finance Ministry said on Monday the policies of the Houthis has stalled the payment of salaries to public civil servicemen and pensioners in the rebel militia’s areas of control, in north Yemen.

The payments to servicemen fluctuated from the beginning of the war in March 2015 and completely stopped for years until it resumed more than a year ago. However, as recently as a few days back, the militia banned the newly printed banknotes of the Yemeni Riyal causing the banks contracted by the government to pay the servicemen in the militia’s territories to declare their inability to continue paying the salaries in light of the Houthi measure.

The ministry said the militia bear full responsibility “for depriving tens of thousands of employees and pensioner from receiving their salaries which the government had been paying for more than a year ago in spite of the militia’s withholding of public revenues and failing to deliver them to the Central Bank in Aden.

The government demanded the international community, the United Nations, the World Bank and the IMF to bear their responsibility toward these Houthi acts which will worsen the humanitarian crisis they have already created over the past years.


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