Vice President praises US success in hunting terror figureheads

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September Net

Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh spoke highly of the US success in hunting the figureheads of terrorism of which Yemen is a major victim, Saba News Agency reported.

In a meeting with the US deputy ambassador to Yemen Juneid Munir in Riyadh On Monday, the Vice President said the US success will have a positive impact on the stability of Yemen and the region.

“The export of the terrorism of the Iranian Khonemini revolution politically, militarily and culturally brought upon miseries upon the region; generated a parallel terrorism represented by ISIL and al-Qaeda; presented justifications for foreign interferences and wreaked havoc in the region; and turned the people of the region to refugees,” he said.

“Yemen was on the top of those countries that paid the highest price for this savagery represented by the Iranian arm in Yemen – the Houthi rebels.”


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