FM says Riyadh Agreement needs to be implemented fully, without foot-dragging

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadhrami said the agreement which the government and southern separatists signed last November in Riyadh to end power struggle needs to be implemented fully and without foot-dragging.

In a meeting with the British ambassador to Yemen Aaron Michael in Riyadh, al-Hadhrami alluded to the separatists’ failure to observe the deal, saying its implementation is necessary to allow the restoration of the state, the preservation of the Yemeni territorial integrity and confronting the Iranian scheme which Houthi rebels represent on the ground.

He condemned the continuous Houthi hindrance of humanitarian operations which leads to people in wretched living conditions getting deprived of entitled aid.

He also held the coupist militia accountable for not allowing UN experts access to an oil tanker stranded in the Yemeni water without maintenance since 2015 and threatening to explode and bring upon the Red Sea countries an environmental disaster.


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