Defense Minister: The training year 2020 will witness a qualitative progress in training the armed forces


September Net

Minister of Defense Lt Gen. Mohamed al-Maqdashi affirmed that the new training year 2020 will witness a qualitative progress in training and qualifying the armed forces.

During his visit to the Reception and al-Nasr military camps on Saturday in Marib province, the Minister stressed the importance of embodying military traditions and punctuality as the true measure of building armies, especially in this exceptional stage the country is going through, which requires everyone to be more solid and determined in facing challenges.

He said, “The armed forces in the various bodies, departments, regions, axes and units have launched the new training year with high determination according to the set plans that aim at raising the combat efficiency and provide the affiliates of military establishments with scientific and practical experiences in various specialties.

He praised the high morale and advanced training level reached by the armed forces which are fighting a heroic battle to restore the country and rebuild the army and its institutions and participate in maintaining security and stability in the liberated areas.

Lt. Gen. al-Maqdashi conveyed to the army’s affiliates the greetings of His Excellency Field Marshal Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and his deputy, Lieutenant General Ali Mohsen Saleh, stressing the interest of the political leadership to rebuild the armed forces according to scientific foundations and national ideology.

He urged intensifying the training and qualifying programs for the army soldiers to perform their duties in various locations and fields as required, appreciating the support of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Yemeni people and its armed forces.


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