Yemeni-EU economic talks in Aden

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Yemeni-EU official talks held in Aden on Tuesday about aspects of cooperation and coordination in the economic and developmental spheres and the EU support plans and programs to Yemen in the upcoming period.

The Minister of Finance Salim bin Boreik and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr. Najib al-Aweg engaged in discussions with the Head of EU mission in Yemen Hanz Grundberig, French Ambassador to Yemen Christian Testu and the Swedish Ambassador Nicolas Trofey.

The discussions focused on the economic and developmental challenges facing Yemen at this critical stage and the role of the EU in supporting the reforms programs and invigorating the state’s institutions, capacity building, economic recovery and reconstruction.

The deliberations also touched upon the Houthis’ measures to ban dealing with the newly issued national currency banknotes and the subsequent impacts upon the peoples’ living conditions, pay government’s employees’ salaries, stability of exchange rate of the national currency and prices of basic commodities.

The Finance Minister detailed the EU delegation about the economic performance over the past period, the implementation of 2019 state’s general budget and the government’s arrangements to work out 2020 state’s budget.

For his part, Minister of Planning pointed out to the challenges facing the government when it comes to provide the IDPs with basic services and the continuation of the influx of the refugees from the African horn countries in addition to the challenges created by the Houthi rebels in different fields.

The Head of EU’s mission, French and Sweden ambassadors affirmed their countries’ interest in the economic situations in Yemen and the government’s efforts to achieve economic reforms and maintain the exchange rate of national currency.


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