Assa’adi: Houthi militia’s refusal to implement Sweden Agreement proves it isn’t seriously seeking to peace

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The Republic of Yemen has viewed the Houthi militia’s intransigence and foot-dragging policy about the implementation of its obligations under the UN-sponsored Sweden Agreement since reaching the deal in December last year is undisputable proof that the rebel militia has never been seriously seeking for peace.

The Permanent Representative of Yemen to the UN Ambassador Abdullah Assa’adi has made this clear as he delivered a speech on Thursday before the UN International Security Council session.

Assa’adi reiterated the Yemeni government’s stance in support of the implementation of Stockholm Agreement in full, particularly implementing the articles about Hodeida including the militia withdrawal from Hodeida city, seaports, open humanitarian safe-routes.

He said” The Republic of Yemen has renewed its support for the efforts of the UN Secretary General Special envoy to Yemen Mr Martin Griffiths to reach a comprehensive political settlement to the conflict based on the three terms of references including the GCC’s Initiative, its operational mechanism, outcomes of National Dialogue and UNSCRs in relevance, namely 2216″.

Assa’adi touched upon the dangerous escalation and violations by Houthi militia, citing the militia’s attack against the headquarter of the government’s team engaged in the Redeployment Coordination Committee last month and the assault on the Doctors without Borders as examples.

He also pointed out to the Iranian regime’s interferences and its spoiler role in Yemen through its robust relation with the Houthi militia.

Assa’ad briefed the UNSC on the government’s efforts to renormalize the situations, reinstate basic services, mitigate the humanitarian crisis, maintain the national currency value.

He touched upon the disastrous impacts upon the national economy due to the Houthi militia’s decision to ban dealing with the newly issued national currency banknotes in the militia’s controlled regions.


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