Parliament, Human Rights ministry denounce Houthi rocket attack on civilians

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September Net

Parliament Speaker Sultan al-Barakani and the Ministry of Human Rights denounced the missile attack launched by Iran-backed Houthi militia on the house of the Parliament Member Sheikh Hussein al-Sawadi in Marib City killing a woman and female child and seriously injured other family members.

Al-Barakani announced his complete solidarity with the MP al-Sawadi over Houthi crime targeting populated neighborhoods, mosques and roads.

Expressing his deepest condolence to al-Sawadi and his son Saddam for killing the wife and daughter of his son, al-Barakani called upon UN Envoy Martin Griffiths, who talked about peace in the Security Council in his briefings, to consider such crimes, which killed hundreds of soldiers and civilians.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Human Rights labeled this crime a systematic attack carried out by Houthi militia against dignitaries in Marib City, which has been attacked recently by Houthi ballistic rocket on a Mosque in the city, killing and injuring soldiers and civilians including journalist.


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