FM: We no longer view any point of Stockholm Agreement and this abnormal situation won’t continue

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September Net

Yemen Foreign Minister Abdullah al-Hadrami stated that the recent military escalation by Houthi rebel militia while the UN’s envoy is in Sana’a is considered to be mischievous exploitation of the Sweden Agreement and truce in Hodeidah.

Al-Hadrami said” This abnormal situation can’t be continuing any longer and the recent military escalation by the Houthis puts all peace efforts at risk and the Yemeni people can’t afford more patience in the hope of seeking for a fragile peace process that only provides Houthi militia with a chance to fuel and launch its absurd wars”.

” We won’t allow the Houthi militia to take the advantage of Hodeidah agreement to fuel its battles in the fronts they choose”.

The Foreign Minister said” With this military escalation by the militia we don’t actually see any point of Hodeidah agreement”.


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