Scores of Houthi militia killed, injured in Al-Jawf


September Net

A number of Iran-backed Houthi militia were killed on confrontations with the army forces north-east of Al-Jawf province.

The militia tried to infiltrate towards positions in al-Akaba front, but were foiled and forced to flee. Several militiamen were killed and injured.

On the same battlefront the army forces launched artillery shelling on the Houthi sites inflicting its militia losses in life and equipment.

Fighter jets of the coalition to support the legitimacy targeted reinforcements on its way to the militia in fighting zones. A number of combat vehicles were destroyed, and the militiamen on board were killed or injured.

Moreover, in the Motoon district the army forces shot down a drone for the Houthi militia in al-Jaroob area western Al-Jawf province.


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