Vice President praises heroic victories by army forces in different warfronts


September Net

Vice President General Lieutenant Ali Mohsen Saleh has praised heroic victories achieved by the army forces in the warfronts and the sacrifices they made for defeating Iran-backed Houthi militia and regaining the state.

Following up recent military developments, the Vice President phoned Saturday Minister of Defense General Lieutenant Mohammad al-Maqdashi, Governor of Marib Maj. Gen. Sultan al-Arradah, Governor of Al-Jawf Maj.Gen Ameen al-Aukaimi, Governor of Sana’a Province Maj.Gen. Abdulqawi Sharif and Commander of Joint Military Operations Maj.Gen. Sagheer bin Aziz.

He thanked Saudi-led Coalition for their support contributed in accomplishing victories, making Houthi rebel militia sustain huge losses.

He confirmed doubling efforts for continuing these heroic accomplishments for combating Iranian clerical agenda and protecting Yemen against a real danger threatening international security and peace.

Hailing all political and social efforts for supporting army’s heroes, he called on all dignitaries, sheikhs and free people to face Houthi danger.

The minister, governors and commander of military operations briefed vice president on situations in Marib, Al-Jawf and Sana’a and different warfronts.


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