Defense Minister visits frontlines eastern Sana’a


September Net

Yemeni Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Maqdashi inspected course of combat operations in Nihm frontline eastern capital Sana’a.

He confirmed steadfastness of the armed forces and victories against Houthi rebel militia on different warfronts.

The Defense Minister regretted the fall of kids and youth the Houthis lured and dragged into death to serve the militia’s destructive projects.

He called parents to protect their sons and not allow Houthi militia exploit them in favor of Iran’s agendas aiming at creating chaos and violence and turning Yemen into platform to threaten Arab region.

Political Leadership follows army’s operations against Houthi militia and terror groups in various fronts and areas until liberating homeland and restoring state institutions, Al-Maqdashi said.

The Minister praised the high morale of the army and the support of the Saudi brothers to regain security and stability in Yemeni.

The Defense Minister was accompanied by commander of Arab coalition forces in Marib Maj. Gen. Abdulhamid al-Mzyani.

He also met with the newly appointed commander of 7th Military Region Maj. Gen. Ahmed Jubran and the ancestor commander Maj. Gen. Mohsen al-Khabi.


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