Over 1,850 families displaced from Al-Khaniq & Majzar Camps due to Houthi militia’s shelling

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia has displaced hundreds of families from Al-Khaniq and Majzar camps, located in Nihm district, east of the capital Sana’a, to several other displacement camps in Marib province.

Sana’a Relief Coalition, stated that more than 1,350 families were forced to flee again from Al-Khaniq camp to several other displacement camps in the city of Marib, after their camp was bombed by the Houthi militia.

In the same context, approximately 500 families have been displaced again from Majzar villages and camps, located in the northeast of Ma’rib Governorate, after they were targeted by the artillery shelling of the Houthi militia.

The coalition pointed out that the displacement camps lack the most basic requirements of relief and urgent housing materials. It also appealed to local and international organizations to quickly provide urgent assistance.

Sana’a Relief Coalition indicated that hundreds of displaced families are spreading the land in the camps, as a result of not receiving what can help them face their suffering.

The local authority in Sana’a province sent a charitable appeal to all humanitarian, regional and local organizations to quickly  intervene and respond urgently to the needs of the displaced families.

At its meeting, on Sunday, Sana’a local authority, headed by the Governor, Major General Abdul-Qawi Sharif stressed the need to provide displaced families with shelter, food and drug assistance, to alleviate their suffering.

It condemned the Houthi militia targeting villages and homes near conflict spaces, despite its distance from the conflict  areas.


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