Army troops target Houthi militia in Al-Jawf, liberate sites eastern Sana’a


September Net

Scores of Iran-backed Houthi militia were killed and injured during clashes with army forces in Mouton district western Al-Jawf province on Friday.

The army forces targeted a group of militia elements after trying to infiltrate into liberated sites in Ham front north of Mouton district, killing four elements and wounding more.

In the context, the warplanes of Arab coalition to support legitimacy struck sites and gatherings of Houthis in the same front, killing and wounding a number of militia elements and destroying their combat vehicles.

Moreover, the army troops backed by Arab coalition jets liberated several sites overlooked Magzar district in Nihm front eastern the capital Sana’a after clashes with Houthi militia.

The militia elements suffered heavy losses during the clashes and forced to flee.


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