Chief of Army’s Moral Guidance: Armed forces protective shield foiled Houthi projects


September Net

Head of Moral Guidance of the Yemeni Armed Forces Brig. Ahmed Al-Ashwal said armed forces are protective shield that could foil Houthi projects when the latter’s militia was in full strength.

“What about today when this militia has lost most of its trained elements and most of heavy weapons they looted from the state camps”, after their coup against the legitimate government, he continued.

He said Houthi militia, with backing from Iran and its tools in the region, resorts to media kitchens to promote fake and baseless victories.

Brigadier Al-Ashwal’s remarks came during a field visit to the army forces in frontlines of Nihm eastern capital Sana’a.

“The battle against the militia is open at all levels, military, political and culture, he went on.

Yemenis’ battle with Houthi militia is a battle of existence, right to life and dignity, he said. ” It’s a battle against militia heavily armed with the ideologies of death, enslavement and discrimination.”

The battle, he said, will not stop until liberating capital Sana’a and every inch of the homeland, Brig. Al-Ashwal said.

He also noted to the horrific violations against Yemen people in the areas under the control of the Houthi militia.

He spoke highly of the sacrifices have been offered by army forces and victories they have been making against Houthi rebel militia on various fields and warfronts.


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