Yemeni Defense Minister visits frontlines west of Marib


September Net

Yemeni Defense Minister Lieutenant General Mohammed Al-Maqdashi conducted on Saturday a field visit to inspect combat operations and recent military gains in the Serwah frontline west of Marib Governorate.

The Defense Minister praised precious sacrifices and victories armed forces have been making on different fronts in the battle to complete liberating the rest of homeland territories from Houthi rebel militia and terror groups.

The battle will continue whatever the sacrifices until ending injustice and suffering the militia imposes on the citizens to serve Iran’s destabilizing agendas in Yemen and the region, he said.

He indicated that Houthi militia drive lured youth into death and take sons of the tribes to its lost battles just in order to invent fake gains and mislead its elements and financers.

The Defense Minister valued support offered to Yemeni people and its armed forces by the brothers in the Saudi-led coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen.


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