Foreign Minister meets with Ambassadors of 5 Permanent member states of UNSC

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Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami met on Sunday with the Ambassadors of the 5 permanent member states of the International Security Council to the Republic of Yemen.

The session aimed to discuss the developments in the Yemeni national scene, particularly the Houthi militia’s military escalations in Al-Jawf, Nihm and Marib.

The discussions also touched upon the militiamen’s violations and interventions in the actions of the international organizations operate in relief and humanitarian field.

The South Transitional Council’s foot-dragging about the implementation of Riyadh Agreement and its failure to honor its obligations were discussed as well.

Al-Hadrami detailed the Ambassadors on the Houthi militia’s escalations in Al-Jawf, Nihm and Marib, noting that the militia has been taking the advantages of the truce under Hodiedah agreement to prepare for new round fighting.

He warned that the continuation of these escalations put the peace efforts at risk.

Al-Hadrami also briefed the Ambassadors on the militia’s violations against the humanitarian and warned of the dangerous consequences of Safer oil tanker amid Houthi militia’s refusal to allow carrying out the needed maintenance.

The Foreign Minister also reported to the Ambassadors about the government’s practical steps to honor its commitments under Riyadh Agreement, blaming the South Transitional Council for not implementing its obligations.

The Ambassadors voiced their concerns about the recent escalations in Aljawf, Nihm and Marib, stressing the importance of halting the escalations and going back to the peace process led by the UN.

They also urged implementing Riyadh Agreement and respecting the humanitarian actions by international organizations.


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