SP demands UN peace mediator to quickly intervene to stop Houthi atrocities

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September Net

Speaker of Yemen’s parliament Sultan al-Barakani demanded the UN peace mediator Martin Griffiths to quickly intervene to stop the Houthi atrocities in the country.

In a meeting with Griffiths here Sunday, al-Barakani recalled the recent Houthi atrocities in Nehm, Marib and Al-Jawf fronts particularly the firing of ballistic missiles into the city of Marib and a deadly attack on a military camp’s mosque where soldiers and civilians were worshiping.

He also cited similar horrific abuses by the rebel militia in Hodeidah and Taiz cities to the west and southwest of the country.
Al-Barakani handed over to Griffiths a dossier on the recent Houthi atrocities and asked Griffiths to act on them so that the Yemeni parliament does not have to take binding decisions on the government to resolve the matter by itself.

Al-Barakani demanded Griffiths to fulfill his responsibilities toward the Houthi arbitrary abuses of Yemeni parliamentarians in their areas of control.


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