‘Army Forces achieve significant victories in battlefronts’


September Net

The Spokesperson of Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier Abdu Mujali said the army troops have achieved significant victories and regained control over several strategic positions from the control of Iran-backed Houthi militia in different warfronts.

Speaking at press conference held on Wednesday in Marib, the army Spokesperson stressed the continuation of intensive battles in the frontlines of Al-Jawf, Nihm, Serwah, Taiz, Al-Bayda, Al-Dhale where the Houthi militia suffered big collapses in front of the steadfastness of the army troops .

Mujali showed pictures and videos of the ongoing battles and advances made by the heroes of the army in the frontlines where they liberated several positions and regained a number of combat vehicles and military equipments. These pictures and videos also showed the militia’s defeats and its elements fleeing posts, leaving behind the dead bodies of its killed elements in the mountains and valley.

Brigadier Mujali praised the sacrifices made by the army forces in the battle of regaining the state from the control of the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

During his speech at the press conference, Brigadier Mujali thanked the Saudi-led Arab Coalition for supporting the Yemeni Armed Forces.


The spokesperson Mujali said the army forces made qualitative progress in the al-Aqabah area, between Marib and Al-Jawf provinces and regained the sites which were under the militia’s control.

The army forces liberated several strategic sites from the control of Iran-backed Houthi militia in al-Masloup and Ham fronts.

He said that the Arab Coalition Warplanes destroyed a Houthi weapons depot in Ham Mountain of al-Mouton district…Moreover the army forces managed to down two drones belong to Houthi militia in the same front.

The Houthi militia suffered heavy losses in both personnel and combat equipments.

Eastern Sana’a, Nihm

Brigadier Mujali confirmed that the army troops liberated the Black hilltops and cut off the militia’s supply line in the east of Nihm district, pointing out tens militia elements were killed and injured and also a number of their combat vehicles were destroyed.

The army artillery shelled reinforcements of Houthi militia in Salleb area and shot down two Houthi drones in Nihm fronts, he said.


Brigadier Mujali said the army forces achieved ground progress in the east and west of Taiz city and inflicted the Houthi militia heavy losses in life and combat equipments.

The army troops also managed to shot down a Houthi drone in the west of Taiz.

Serwah, west of Marib

In Serwah front, the spokesperson said the army forces managed to control over several hilltops and sites in Hilan mountain and al-Mashgah front.

He added that Arab coalition launched airstrikes on reinforcements of Houthi militia in its way to the fronts of Serwah.




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