Vice President stresses unifying national front against Houthi coup


September Net

Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh has confirmed significance of unifying national front in current battlefields for facing Houthi coup against the state.

He called on all Yemeni people with different political trends to unite their front, avoiding political plots and to forget the past and its negatives.

In his meeting with a number of Yemeni activists on Wednesday, he pointed to a number of issues and topics in the national arena led by suffering of the people over Houthi militia’s coup.

He praised heroic battlefields by the national army and sacrifices made by Yemeni people for facing Iran-backed Houthi militia’s agenda, noting to Saudi-led Coalition’s support in this regard.

These sacrifices and crisis encounter Yemeni people require national responsibility and a republican unity overcoming differences under the president of the legality President Hadi for protecting the national fronts and aims of the Yemeni revolution and for regaining the state and building the new federal Yemen.

Listening to comments made by attendants, he thanked all calls and initiatives aiming at realizing this ideal aim (unifying national front).


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