Holding future talks with Houthis depends on progress in Stockholm deal, says govt

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September Net

Yemen’s government said on Tuesday holding any future talks with the Houthi rebel militia will depend on what concrete progress is achieved on the Stockholm Agreement from December 2018.

The permanent representative of Yemen to the United Nations, Abdullah Ali Fadhel al-Saadi, said in an address to the UN Security Council on Tuesday that the decision to hold future “is related to things getting clear; if the Stockholm consultations have succeed or not.”

Al-Saadi made clear the Houthi disregard and sidestepping of the Stockholm Agreement turned the post-Stockholm Agreement period to a new level of escalation in the conflict and suffering of the Yemenis.

“It is regrettable that after more than one year, the Agreement did not bring about any thing. But it marked the beginning of a new level of escalation and further suffering,” he said.

He said the militia continued to entrench its hold on Hodeidah port, commit more crimes, and open new warfronts to force the Yemeni people to surrender to their theocratic sectarian religious rule.”

He cited the militia’s escalation of attacks in Aljawf, Marib and Nehm fronts especially the shelling of IDP camps and hospitals that led to casualties among women and children, calling those attacks “a striking defiance of the UN (peace) efforts.”


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