Yemeni Defense Minister: National battle will continue until homeland fully liberated


September Net

Yemeni Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Maqdashi has stressed the continuation of the national battle the armed forces are fighting until achieving its goals and liberating capital Sana’a and all areas controlled by the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

Inspecting frontlines in Nihm east of  Sana’a and Hilan and al-Mashjah in Serwah, west of Marib province, the Defense minister said no obstacles, challenges or targeting can stop the Yemeni people from restoring their sate and countering rebel militias and terrorist groups.

He stressed the imperative of intensifying efforts to get all the homeland’s soil free and restore security and stability, praising sacrifices and heroism of the armed forces.

The Minister valued positions of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to face common dangers which Iran and its tools, Houthis, stand behind through supplying the militia with weapons, missiles and drones in order to destroy Yemen and the region.

He also hailed people’s support to the legitimate leadership and armed forces in the current battle which Houthi militia has imposed to serve Iran’s schemes that seek to destabilize security and stability in Yemen and to turn it into a threat to the national Arab security and vital global interests.


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