Coalition Air Forces intercept ballistic missiles fired from Sana’a


September Net

The Coalition Forces in support of legality in Yemen announced Friday that they had intercepted ballistic missiles launched from Sana’a by Houthi rebel militia toward the Saudi cities.

The spokesperson of the Coalition Forces Col . Turki al-Maliki said in a press statement ” the ballistic missiles were intentionally and systematically fired at: 3 am local time on Friday from the capital Sana’a to target the civilians in flagrant violation of the International Humanitarian Law”.

Al-Maliki stated that ” the capital Sana’a has become a place to assemble and fire ballistic missiles by Houthi militia against the territories of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Coalition Forces have exercised the utmost degree of self-restrain in dealing with the violations of this militia by using ballistic missiles, drones and bomb-laden boats remotely controlled”.


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