Yemeni documentaries show Houthi crimes in London

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September Net

Two Yemeni documentaries revealed Iran-backed Houthi militia’s crimes against Yemeni people in different Yemeni provinces.

Attending North Europe Films Festival is being held in London, Yemen’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Yaseen Saeed Noman said introducing such documentaries help in showing the real image of the Houthi war against Yemeni people since September 2014 till now.

He stressed making more similar films showing reality and neutrality.

In her participation in the festival along with directors from 50 countries, Yemeni- Jordanian Director Nasreen Assubaihi reviewed the humanitarian situation in Yemen over the war launched by Houthi militia against the Yemeni people.

In her documentaries “Asim” and “What has Remained from Me,” Assubaihi explained a picture from the remote areas controlled by Houthi militia.

She pointed to civilians’ suffering over political monopoly by Houthi terrorist militia, which spreads killing and exclusion culture, noting to victims of ground mines planted by the militia in different areas witnessed clashes.

She also pointed to recruiting children as soldiers and forcibly disappearance of many journalists, academics and right activists.


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