FM raises STC obstructions of Riyadh Agreement in meeting with US diplomat

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September Net

Yemen’s Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami raised the separatist Southern Transitional Council’s obstruction of the peace Agreement of Riyadh.

In a meeting with the acting US ambassador Juneid Munir here on Monday, al-Hadrami called for an international action to enforce the Agreement which should allow the government’s full return to and control of Aden and the renormalization of life in the city.

Al-Hadrami praised the Saudi role in brokering the Agreement and exerting efforts to materialize it on the ground.

The minister also called on the international community to the violations of the north’s diehard Houthi militants who have been stealing international humanitarian aid from the hungry Yemenis in the militants’ areas of control while think up misleading information and cover-ups.

He said that while seeking to enrich themselves from the food aid, the militia’s warlords are completely indifferent to what harm they bring upon the needy population in their areas of control.

He also raised the militia’s denial of UN maintenance experts access to an oil tanker stranded in the Yemeni waters for years and threatening to explode and cause an epic humanitarian crisis.


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