Info. Minister: Houthi attempt of targeting trade ships reflects their terrorist escalations

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September Net

Minister of Information Mu’amar al-Iryani has said Houthi terrorist failed operation in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait are continuation to the militia’s terrorist crimes after killing Qasim Sulaimani to implement Iran’s destructive agenda in the region.

The failed terrorist attack conspired by Houthi militia at southern Red Sea by bombed boat and planned to be exploded by remote control from Hodeida Province and laying sea mines confirm a new threat still posed by Houthi’s existence in parts of western coast; the navigation lines of international trade ships, al-Iryani told Saba in a statement on Monday.

Their existence represents also a threat to international security and peace, he added.

He confirmed that these terrorist crimes would not have been carried out without exploiting Sweden Agreement and their continuous control on the ports and city of Hodeida.

He called upon the UN envoy to take clear position towards Houthis’ continuous escalation and declare efforts of the UN for implementing the agreement over Houthi militia’s withdrawal from the city and its ports.


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