Deputy Speaker of Parliament: Houthi militia isn’t seriously seeking for peace

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September Net

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Abdulaziz Jubari has made it clear that Houthi rebel militia has never seriously sought to make peace, the opposite it true, it has frequently intended to derail all good offices aimed to achieve the peace. The Houthi rebels have proved that just they take the advantages of the negotiations to buy more time to re-arrange their ranks and launch new more warfares.

His statement came as he was speaking to an audience of Arab and international media reporters in Washington.

Jubari affirmed that the government has always been very keen to establish a fair and comprehensive peace to put an end of the Yemeni peoples’ suffering.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament stated that the government engaged in all round of the UN sponsored peace consultations and offered all concessions to make peace, but the militia aimed to get around of the peace initiatives and agreements; goes on violations, planting landmines, recruiting children, targeting residential areas with ballistic missiles and heavy weapons.


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