Yemen parliamentary delegation hails USIP

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September Net

A Yemeni parliamentary delegation visiting Washington hailed the United States Institute for Peace for its projects in conflict resolutions and preventions.

In a meeting with USIP leaders, US government representatives and members of independent think-tanks, the Vice Speaker of the parliament Abdulaziz Jubari reviewed the political landscape against the backdrop of the years long Houthi war.

He said the Houthi militia has not honored any of the peace agreements including the last one, the Stockholm Agreement.

He said the Iran-backed militia believes only in the power of arms, not in law, democracy and the principle of sharing power.

He cited the militia’s range of human rights abuses: the arrest and disappearance of civilian oppositionists including journalists and human rights activists; bombing the houses of oppoitionists; recruiting child soldiers; and entrenching sectarian bigotry in the minds of children.

He said all these and other abuses occur amidst the silence of the international community.


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