PM directs taking necessary measures to face marine life death in Southern coasts

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September Net

Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik has directed the Ministry of Water and Environment to take all necessary measures for evaluating and curing marine life death in Aden and Abyan coasts appeared during the past few days.

In a telephone call he made Thursday with Deputy Minister of Water and Environment Ammar al-Awlaqi, prime minister was acquainted with the phenomenon of marine life death and reasons behind it.

Al-Awlaqi attributed the fish death to growing green algae and the change of the color of the Aden Gulf’s water to the green in January- March period every year.

He pointed out that such phenomenon has been registered in different levels in the southern coasts during the past years, but recently increased due to change of seasonal north-eastern winds this year led to temperature change of seawater and centering the salty food.

This changed water’s oxygen which killed huge number of marine life, said al-Awlaqi, noting that this phenomenon is natural and will vanish within the few forthcoming weeks.

Prime Minister stressed that the General Authority for Protecting Environment should monitor this phenomenon and inform citizens on reasons behind it.


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