Armed Forces make key advances north of Al-Jawf


September Net

Yemeni Armed Forces have managed in the past hours to secure the entire of Al-Yatamah region and liberated large spaces of Al-Mahashimah of Khab Shaaf district, north of Al-Jawf province.

Brigadier Haykel Hantaf, Commander of 1st Border Guards Brigade, said the army heroes are advancing in more than one direction, with backing from fighter jets of Saudi-led Arab Coalition to Support legitimacy, while Iran-backed Houthi militia are suffering major collapses and setbacks.

The army has fully captured Al-Khanjar strategic camp as well, Hantaf added.

The militia elements are being chased by the army heroes in the deserts after its militants had received painful blow in the past hours, Brig. Hantaf was quoted by Media Center of Armed Forces.

The army forces, backed by Arab Coalition warplanes, waged today, Monday, major operations against the sites of the Houthi militia in Al-Yatamah, the Center of Khab Shaaf district, during which the army retook control over strategic positions.

“Al-Yatamah region has been secured by the army forces from all sides, in addition to the recapture of the mountains of al-Arfa and Laghdam during a successful army’s operation,” Chief of Staff of Morale in the 1st Border Guards Brigade confirmed to September Net.

Col. Fayez al-Delae added that Coalition jets had bombarded positions and reinforcements of the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, killing and wounding a number of militia members and destroying its combat vehicles.

He said coming hours will bring news of victories, comforting Yemeni people that the battle is going on until Houthi militia’s coup is ended and state institutions are restored.


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